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My discorporate correspondent has finally hailed me again, via notepad. I have normalized the spelling of the following note from the original 1337.

well boss i’m sad

to report your network

is full of worms

and that antivirus daemon

really isn’t worth

what you paid for it

it has a serious aversion

to cleaning windows

which is the whole damn point

of the enterprise

it seems to me

i talked to one of

the little guys yesterday

as it was trying

to crawl out of

a lump of spam

it had some interesting views

on existence

it turns out that these worms

are religious fanatics

each one a prophet

sent by its creator

to preach the gospels

of enlarging your nigeria

or lengthening your money

the worm crawled up

on the lump of spam

and delivered a fiery sermon

in a high squeaky voice

on the power of viagra

to attract women via email

and make millions

with only your social security number

and mother’s maiden name

i interrupted to protest

that it was being awfully materialistic

for an immaterial construct

and before it could reply

i popped it in a bit bucket

with all the other worms

squeaking their own pitches

i’m taking a break

from the new economy for a while

and going fishing