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The Geek Chorus: Dood, what gives?

Myself: Are you enjoying our new format?

The Geek Chorus: Man, I think I prefer a dead site.

Myself: But this is a de luxe presentation of famous Diary of the Polish author Witold Gombrowicz, in thrilling daily installments!

The Geek Chorus: Neat. Plagiarism.

Myself: I beg your pardon! I am using an entirely new translation of the pronoun.

The Geek Chorus: Uh, waitasec. OK, back.

Myself: Yes?

The Geek Chorus: Just had to do a quick search. You know that old Gomby wrote the Diary in English, right?

Myself: . . .

The Geek Chorus: Like I said, nice one.

Myself: Isn’t your guild expecting you?

The Geek Chorus: Oh, crap. You’re right, dood, gotta run.

Myself: Goodbye.